Inwoo Hwang

I am a graduate student in Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University. Prior to joining Ph.D program, I did my master study in School of Computing at KAIST. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Department of Mathematical Sciences from KAIST.

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My research interests span causal representation learning, and reinforcement learning, especially at the intersection of causality and machine learning.

LBS Learning Geometry-aware Representations by Sketching
Hyundo Lee, Inwoo Hwang, Hyunsung Go, Won-Seok Choi, Kibeom Kim, Byoung-Tak Zhang.
  • IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2023
  • Paper / Code

    CSSI On Discovery of Local Independence over Continuous Variables via Neural Contextual Decomposition
    Inwoo Hwang, Yunhyeok Kwak, Yeon-Ji Song, Byoung-Tak Zhang^, Sanghack Lee^.
  • Conference on Causal Learning and Reasoning (CLeaR), 2023
  • NeurIPS Workshop on Causal Inference Challenges in Sequential Decision Making: Bridging Theory and Practice, 2021
  • Paper / Code

    SelecMix SelecMix: Debiased Learning by Contradicting-pair Sampling
    Inwoo Hwang, Sangjun Lee, Yunhyeok Kwak, Seong Joon Oh, Damien Teney, Jin-Hwa Kim^, Byoung-Tak Zhang^.
  • Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2022   (Scholar Award)
  • ICML Workshop on Spurious Correlations, Invariance, and Stability, 2022
  • Paper / Code

    CriticalPeriod On the Importance of Critical Period in Multi-stage Reinforcement Learning
    Junseok Park, Inwoo Hwang, Min Whoo Lee, Hyunseok Oh, Minsu Lee, Youngki Lee, Byoung-Tak Zhang.
  • ICML Workshop on Complex Feedback in Online Learning, 2022
  • Paper / Workshop

    ShapeCon Improving Robustness to Texture Bias via Shape-focused Augmentation
    Sangjun Lee, Inwoo Hwang, Gi-Cheon Kang, Byoung-Tak Zhang.
  • CVPR Workshop on Human-centered Intelligent Services: Safety and Trustworthy, 2022
  • Paper / Workshop

    Academic Services
    • Conference Reviewer: CVPR (2023), ICCV (2023)
    Teaching Experience
    • [CS204] Data Structure, KAIST, 2016S - 2017F
    Invited Talks
    • KSC 2022, Top-tier conference paper session
    • Kakao Enterprise TechTalk
    • SNU AIIS Retreat, Oral presentation
    • NAVER TechTalk
    Honors and Awards
    • NAVER PhD Fellowship, 2022
    • Gold Award, The Korean Mathematical Olympiad (KMO)

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